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The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



برنامج المؤتمر


مؤتمر (الضعف اللغوى في الجامعات السودانية – المشكلات والحلول


نفير دعم الكلية





The Omdurman Islamic university (OIU) had been founded in the 1st quarter of the 13th Hijrah century (approximately year 1321 H Re starting of the 20th Gregorian century a round 1901A.D at the hands of leading educationalist of Islamic thought in Sudan under the name of academic scientific institute that awarded testimonies degree to scholars up to 1911A.D corresponding to 1332H the institute experienced number of ceremonial variations and changes until has been called the (current) ongoing name Omdurman Islamic university post the (up rising ) or revolution of October 1964 which was exclusive and confined to teaching Arabic and  Islamic  studies in 1970 A.D degree was issued that altered it to a college Arabic and Islamic studies in 1972A.D the former decision  was review that brought the name  once more to Omdurman Islamic university the university teaching staff , assistants and the students enjoy the freedom of thought and scientific research in accordance with the constitutional law .  the faculty of Agriculture  was set up 1991 that converted the  affiliation of Abu Neyama for Agricultural  studies to Omdurman Islamic university, noting the Abu Neyama  college used to award Diploma of Agriculture the admission of the very first students in take was in 1991 to study for four (4) academic years and graduate with bachelor  of Agriculture with honor degree to distinguish  students  in accordance with the university  regulations A further decree was issued in 1992 that ordained the affiliation Abu Neyama  faculty of Agriculture  ( that is started in  south of Synjah town in the blue Nile ) to be transferred along with its building to the newly established Sinner university. The students were hosted at the OIU main premises at Fityhab suburb south of Omdurman in the academic year 1993-1994 and taught at the building of faculty of Sharia and Ausual Al-din (origins of religion) and medicine and health studies.

The admission of first  in take of students at Fetyhab township was in 1994, that followed specialized workshop on curricula syllabuses in may 1994 A.D and that a number of nine (9)  specialized departments were endorsed on early specialized system that is considered of the most up-dated system in the Arab universities according to which student are classified under the following department right after their admission:

  1. botany or plant  increase section
  2. crop- production section
  3. desert – Agriculture section
  4. natural land scope design  section
  5. Rural development section
  6. Dairy product section
  7. Poultry – product section
  8. Food- industry section
  9. Aquaculture  and fishing  section

By 1995 four(4) academic classes (in takes) was completed based on affording the chance of awarding the bachelor (degree) to students in 1994 the first in take of female student was admitted based on their obtainment of medium diploma and the up grading to bachelor degree.

In 1997 an academic committee that joined senior academicians from purpose of reviewing the faculty's academic system a long with its universities as well as it syllabuses – curricula that recommended the amendment or the faculty's sections and its curricula (the courses), and that adopted the system of five (5) academic –years instead of the intensive or early – specialization of four (4) years. So a number of academic sections and their curricula have been added a long  with the approval of addition of new sub-sections and specializations and abolition of others, so as to suit and fit the system of bachelor of honor of five (5) years, and that the respective students of all specialties.

1st 2nd classes as well as the 5th academic semester of the 3rd year (class) jointly. And the specialization starts at the 3rd year (class) (6th semester) such changes required the academic sections- departments to carry or work under the following departments:

  1. Animal – production
  2. Food and science technology
  3. Crop sciences(specialization on field crops and horticultural crops)
  4. Agriculture  Economy and Rural development
  5. Agriculture of Arid and desert areas
  6. A Architecture or design of natural land scope
  7. Poultry production
  8. Crop protection
  9. Fishery and Aquaculture (frozen currently)

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